Perrine (Founder of @multy_korean_chinese)

Hi everyone!

My name is Perrine and I'm a Crimson student from Taiwan who is currently learning Korean. I started the language learning account because I hope I can keep myself learning by posting daily. 

You are welcomed to share any suggestions about our account or ask any questions about us!!

Perrine (Founder of @multy_korean_chinese) Remote (Worldwide)
Hello everyone! @multy_korean_chinese is an Instagram language learning account that teaches both Korean and Chinese. Every post includes Korean and Chinese descriptions, but English is still the main language for the base of the captions.  Here are the tasks that we need your help ( marketing/promoting ): 1. tracking stats 2. commenting on other language learning accounts 3. using other social media perhaps to promote the IG account Or you can even help create the posts!!  Are you interested in language learning or marketing/promoting?  Do you want to share Korean or Chinese with people from foreign countries? Would you like to promote Asian culture to the world? Join @multy_korean_chinese NOW even though you just want to have an experience!!
Aug 14, 2020