operationEconomics International

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As a public benefit nonprofit organization, operationEconomics International (opEcon Intl.) strives to  globalize equal economic education access for underserved K-12 students across the globe and provide a free, peer-to-peer alternative to students who do not have the resources to learn economics and other related fields in their communities. By reducing educational inequities through three of its unique curricula and other activities in its international chapters, operationEconomics aims to empower and encourage students to explore personal, academic, and professional opportunities in economics and its practicality in today's environment.

At the core of its model, we create opportunities to learn and engage, and chapter leaders play a humongous role in that. They drive our mission as they continue to expand our presence and implement our curriculum and activities across seas, building cross-cultural bridges among students from all over the world while doing so with our online community networks. For chapter leaders who are able to create and manage at least three chapters in their region, they may be named Regional Directors – where they would be tasked with managing the chapters they've created, monitoring growth and progress, and recruiting peers to run their chapters as officers. 

So far, operationEconomics has registered 12 chapters globally in 5 different countries and a few U.S. states, impacting hundreds globally and partnering with another nonprofit organization while doing so. 

If economics and business are your passions and if leadership is a core part of who you are, join operationEconomics as a chapter leader and, possibly, a Regional Director. Let's make economic education more accessible for everyone, together.

We look forward to working with you!