Rebecca Wu

High school student interested in all things business and civic engagement. 

Rebecca Wu Remote (Worldwide)
Are you interested in finance, economics, and business? If so, apply for a leadership position at My Piggy Bank! My Piggy Bank's mission is to provide kids from all over the world with the resources to improve their financial literacy and become the next business leaders. We are currently offering 5 different leadership roles: -Resources Advisor -Events Coordinator  -Writer  -Website Designer  (Note: you can apply for and uphold more than one position!) Benefits of joining the My Piggy Bank team: *Being in a team of driven, motivated, and diligent teenagers who are passionate about business and want to make an impact the industry *Networking with like-minded people and mentors *Having a platform to share your voice and experience with others *Strengthening your communication, public relations, and outreach skills *Improving your college and career resume   Website :  Applications: You do not need to apply through...
Jun 05, 2020