YOUth of BC

YOUth of BC is a nonprofit dedicated to helping, supporting, and empowering youth through opportunities, resources and tips for individual success. We cover various aspects of life including academics and involvement, healthy lifestyle and self care, and skill and self development through initiatives, from community events to our blog!

Here's what we do:

Provide Opportunities

We promote opportunities on social media and in the community to get the word out on possible initiatives to get involved with.

Give Advice

We are always there for you if you have any questions, comments, inquires, and such. With us, you can have a system of support for anything. 

Gather Resources

We assemble our toolkit to provide a reliable source of information for your future. Thus, you can be guided to a path of successful self-learning.

Build A Community

We foster an environment filled with empowerment, self-improvement and discussion through our initiatives and our Facebook group. 

Share Stories

We highlight others' achievements, display other's life stories, and showcase people in our community that are paving the path of tomorrow. 

Lead Initiatives

We host community events and campaigns that are focused on educating and empowering one so they can thrive and prosper.