Anouar Association For the Development of Solidarity

Anouar Association is a Nonprofit Organization built upon 05 January 2007. Anouar Association is endeavoring to serve progressively oppressed kids and others in the Arab world as well as in different geologies as well.

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Anouar Association is to sustain the potential covered up inside each oppressed kid and old individual and assist them with getting a decent footing. We realize that youngsters need a decent childhood, medicinal services, great instruction and so forth to support their latent capacity. Anouar affiliation has been taking a shot at this interest all through its long periods of presence. However, there are older folks too who need care, sustenance, and help to procure a living for themselves. Our vision is to support these oppressed kids and older folks by gathering pledges for their motivation, electing to support them and by aiding and supporting them.

We mean to realize a cultural change by expanding mindfulness among individuals about different issues. There are cultural issues that are driving youngsters being rendered loner and older folks being rendered defenseless. We need to support these kids and older folks to help their own motivation and acquire a living for themselves.

There are plenty of kids from minimized families in the Arab world. A portion of these kids have gotten desperate. They need appropriate medicinal services, individual consideration, instructive consideration, and a little extravagance to grow up as great people fit for getting a change to the general public. The general public, as it currently exists, couldn't care less much for these youngsters. These youngsters whom we are aiding and feeding may one day have the option to bring that genuinely necessary change in the cultural viewpoint to kids, older folks, and families all in all.

Kids are forced to bear conjugal conflicts and changing family esteems in different topographies around the globe including the Arab world. These are the triggers that bring about disregard and maltreatment of older folks.

Older folks also are in a bad way around the globe. Financial impulses, just as changing family esteems, are adding to the maltreatment and carelessness of older folks by their kids. There are numerous older folks who can't battle for themselves and are going through their days in neediness. They should be given some consideration and help with the goal that they can battle for themselves. We deal with such older folks and furnish them with the sustenance of all sorts imaginable for us.

Kids are the fate of a country. We as a whole need to comprehend that oppressed kids should be given legitimate chance, preparing, and instruction with the goal that they can grow up as great and compelling residents. With this in see, we are building youngster's schools. Be that as it may, the endeavor is a costly undertaking, as you most likely are aware schools require plenty of foundations, both physical and human. We are speaking to all the faithful individuals everywhere throughout the world to put resources into this respectable aim.

Our methodology is actualizing improvement programs to assist kids and older folks. We truly stress after aiding those from the underestimated networks since they are the most helpless against infections, malnourishment, being clouded by unlawful gatherings and so on. We help and bolster such networks with the goal that the kids and older folks in these networks can bolster themselves all alone.

We might want to see the inalienable dynamism and intensity of Arab kids to bloom with the goal that they can assume responsibility for their own future. Nonetheless, we are not limited to the Arab world. We are working for the upliftment of discouraged networks, particularly youngsters, and older folks, in Arab just as in Europe, Canada, and USSA.

Our help for the old and kids aren't restricted to giving medicinal services and instruction. We make sure that these individuals can care for themselves. So we assist them with learning different abilities that may assist them with getting engaged with a calling and win. Since the activity showcase is ever-transforming, we have to keep pace with it and structure new courses for bestowing work aptitudes to these kids and seniors.

Working with kids and older folks share something for all intents and purposes. Them two are honest, particularly the kids. The intensity of blamelessness can truly achieve complex undertakings. There is a not insignificant rundown of priority when older folks and kids have become showbiz royalty through sheer constancy and exertion. We simply assist them with accomplishing their goal.

Aside from the instructive activity through structure schools, we are additionally associated with advancing different games exercises, network advancement programs, and maintainable improvement programs. We additionally take care to see that human services are accessible to each oppressed senior and youngster. Since consumable water is one of the most significant assets for human sustenance, we want to see that each oppressed kid and senior can have enough water for oneself.

Sports exercises are useful for the strength of kids. They additionally build up a feeling of gathering or network. We advance games with the goal that youngsters remain sound and can grow a feeling of network. Aside from this we additionally embrace network advancement programs and manageable improvement programs with the goal that the number of oppressed kids and older folks descend.