Asia Stewart

Asia Stewart is a recent graduate and Herchel Smith Fellow from the University of Cambridge, where she completed her M.Phil degree in the Sociology of Marginality and Exclusion. Most of her academic research focuses upon the studies of diaspora, migration, post-coloniality, feminist theory, and queer theory.

At Cambridge, she analyzed UK post-war immigration law and traced the historical attempts made by the state to curtail levels of black immigration from areas of the New Commonwealth. Her dissertation, which focused on the ways that members of the Windrush generation and their descendants construct “home”, explored how home can be experienced as both a physical and intangible space, to be embodied and felt sensorially and memorially. She is now working on a documentary and art gallery installation with the Caribbean National Heritage Museum to disseminate her research to a wider audience outside of the academic community.

Outside of the classroom, she is an art-maker, singer, and performer. She has studied classical voice for twelve years and has performed in a number of musicals and operas in New York, Boston, and Miami. While she pursues a professional career in musical theatre, she is also trying to find ways to better integrate art and academia.

But most importantly - she could not be more excited to work with you! It was not that long ago that she was a high school student, scrambling between classes, sports, Model United Nations, student government and leadership, and theatre.

She is here to help you make sense of it all! She looks forward to teaching you how to prioritize the extracurricular activities that are most important to you. It is her hope that your passions will culminate in a series of meaningful experiences at the conclusion of your time in high school or secondary school.