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  • Khoa Tran Remote
    Are you interested in space? Do you believe a universe is a unique place? Do you want to take a part in spreading knowledge about space no matter what your interests might be? You belong here <3 In AstroSTEM, you get to learn about the mathematical and physical influences on the field of astronomy. You also get to learn about biographies of women underrated in STEM. You use your history, writing, STEM, and research passions into making a change. Recruitments: 1) Physics researcher: you get to research physics concepts and theories that contributed to astronomy whether they impacted the universe, planets, or spaceships. We need 5 physics researchers , including 2 lead researchers. 2) Math researcher: you get to research the deep understanding behind fundamental math concepts and theorems that changed physics and thus influenced a concept in astronomy. We need 5 researchers , including 2 lead researchers. 3) Writers/Editors: you...

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga Remote
    Hi everyone! Do you have a project that you would like to publish on an Instagram page with more than 20k followers? My student Isabella, the founder of the project @teen_matters , with over 20mil young followers worldwide, wants to start posting projects so that other students can grow their audiences. All you have to do is fill out the form (Click on Apply now).

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga Remote
    Hi everyone, My student Michael, the founder of, interviewed a current University of Miami business student, Louis Levitan. He already has an impressive, high-paying job offer lined up at NVIDIA, a leading technology company. they covered his strategies to succeed at his age and some of the investment strategies he used to save money throughout college. Along with the tools he used to get into the University of Miami to discuss what high school students can do to maximize their chances of acceptance. Whether you want to start investing, save money, or learn how to increase your chances of getting into a prestigious university, you will learn something from the webinar. View the seminar for free by clicking in "Apply"

  • GENVIZION Remote
    We are looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to form a team that shares our mission of creating positive impact through social finance. As an early executive member of our team, you will have the opportunity to largely contribute to the development of our investment approach, identify and evaluate businesses, and experiment with different ideas. Open Positions: Chief Operating Officer Head of Education Finance Director Marketing Director *Position descriptions and requirements are included in the application form. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, and be part of a team that is making a difference in the world by investing in social and environmental change. You have the opportunity to contribute to causes you are passionate about! If you are interested in joining our team and contributing to our mission, please complete the application here:

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