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    EDEN ORGANISATION "worldwide"
    An new upcoming global organization. Apply if you want to be a part of something big. Media Team  Creative director: As a Creative Director, you will be responsible for creating social media post. You will also be responsible for scheduling posts on social media platforms and meeting the deadlines. Social Media Writer:  to create interest to the audience through literature, What is posted in the social media platform in the captions and in the post. Member of Outreach and Engagement (under it) Interviewer and resume reviewer : will recruit the member to the organization by reviewing the resume and the interview. recruiting reviewer : the reviewer will keep a check of the new members recruited.  outreaching to organization and people: Will be the communicator between the organization and other organization or people for events and etc. Website Team  (Newsletter) Writer: Will write about the project , upcoming projects and etc.

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    Illuminate Business Remote
    Illuminate Business Business Pitch Competition   Illuminate Business will be hosting a Shark Tank Pitch Competition in October for anyone interested in the world of business! Competitors will have the opportunity to compete individually or with a team to come up with a business idea and pitch it to a panel of judges. The judge panel will not only include Illuminate Business executive directors, but it will also include business professionals and undergraduate business students.   The form to enter the competition will close on October 22, 2022. On the week of October 23, you will select a time slot to pitch your business idea in front of our judges over Zoom.    This competition is completely free of charge. The pitch, workshop, and awards ceremony will all take place virtually.   Why should you compete? You’ll have the chance to win a competition at a prestigious organization. If you win, this will be an amazing addition to your resume!...

  • Rithvik Vanteru Remote
     If you would like to expand NextEntrepreneur to your school or town, starting a chapter is the right way to go. When you start a chapter, we will provide our curriculum and the corresponding material, and you will present it in front of your chapter members. This is a great opportunity to attract universities to your application and resume.

  • Rithvik Vanteru Remote
    If you would simply like to attend our workshops and learn more about entrepreneurship, this is how to attend!

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