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    Catherine Bormotko Remote
    Are you someone who loves to talk and learn? This position requires contacting women for "All Girls Pad" to interview for the podcast named "Unperfect", talking about what it's like to be a woman, their accomplishments, how being a woman could have been easy/difficult, the lessons learned throughout the journey and being seen as "Perfect" on screen, what reality is actually like for them. "All Girls Pad" is a nonprofit organization that created handmade, reusable, and eco-friendly pads for girls who can't afford them or needs more of them. We collaborate with countries like Africa, America, Pakistan, Tanzania.  It has an additional website where we educate people on women whether it is about their rights, education, history, accomplishments, etc.

  • UpTrack Remote
    Depending on the role you apply for, your responsibilities will vary.  1. Graphic Design (Create posts) 2. Social Media Team (Manage social media account and engage with the community) 3. Uptrack Outreach (Act as an ambassador/reach out to different organizations regarding partnerships) 4.  Uptrack Volunteer (Help CTO update opportunities on the website) 5.  Communications Team (Organizing spreadsheets, documents, etc.)

  • AHSCC Remote
    Create 2 posts per week and post on our Instagram page: Our Website:

  • International Model United Nations Remote
    IMUN is recruiting Campus Ambassador Interns from different schools & universities with exciting benefits like IMUN Professional Internship Certificates, Letter of Recommendation & Appreciation, sponsored trips to the next IMUN conferences, Incentives etc. Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: • Promote IMUN Online Conferences among your peers as well as in different schools/universities & get registrations • Inform them about International Model United Nations conferences & How MUNs play an important role in learning different essentials skills like Negotiation, Diplomacy, Leadership, etc. • Be a Brand Ambassador of International MUN and promote on social media as well as through different channels. • Assist in driving registrations for IMUN online conference. IMUN will pay you as per your performance. Official IMUN certificate recognized by the UN and the Australian Embassy. Use Referral Code: UM3022

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