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  • Interview Skills Building
    Kate Remote
    If you like to test new products - apps, games, portals, and social media - this opportunity is for you! We invite high school and college students to test a new web tool - a search engine for student opportunities. We will ask for your feedback and opinions on design, functions, etc.  You will be given a 10$ gift card as a thank you for your contribution.

  • Multiple
    Eco Warriors Remote
    Researchers are responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing opinions and data to solve problems, explore issues, and predict trends. Researchers' duties include analyzing data, gathering and comparing resources, ensuring facts, sharing findings with the whole research team, adhering to required methodologies, performing fieldwork as needed, and keeping critical information confidential. Researchers usually perform many of the following tasks: • Administering surveys. • Creating reports. • Reviewing other studies. • Analyzing data. • Overseeing particular projects. Responsibilities: Search online about certain topics which we will brief it on you once join us collect data and analyse them as well creating simplified reports and statistics Get yourself updated by certain topics and review daily updates worldwide It seems kind a bit hard, but trust us, it will be simple task as well you will gain a lot of experiences and benifits.

  • Serenella fiore Remote
    A pet therapy organization to help people on their journey to happiness!  I teamed up with psychologists and fitness instructors to help people in need, Pet therapy builds on the pre-existing human-animal bond. Interacting with a friendly pet can help many physical and mental issues. It can help reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health. It can also release endorphins that produce a calming effect. This can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve your overall psychological state. social media manager: manage the instagram account, answer dms, 1 post + stories a day, grow the instagram account… outreach director: find partners to collab  regional director: bring pet therapy to where you live content creator: help with new posts, videos, ideas..

  • Cronicle Remote
    For introduction purposes, we are Cronicle technologies. A 100% youth organization, where we've created a free productivity tool (like notion, Taskade etc...) And so far we've reached over 3.5k+ immersions from the start (started this past April). We hope to create a bigger impact. Now, you might ask, "How can a productivity tool make a huge impact on the community?" Well, not just a productivity tool, but we also built Cronicle Learning (like khan academy etc...) where we publish articles and share knowledge. All products are free and will be forever.  As we just started, we are looking for highly-motivated students like you to join us. If you feel there might be a position that would help us, feel free to reach out to us to the email below and we will be really glad to look through and give you a suitable position that isn’t listed here(leadership positions included).    Click here to apply!!!

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