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  • Ylva Bosemark Remote
    MakeSimpleUp's is designed to help and give tips to people who want to start applying makeup but don't know where to start. With a non-professional and realistic vision, through texts and videos I intend to teach and help. MakeSimpleUp values ​​high acceptance very much, so we always try to bring makeup as an ally and help us, considering that we cannot depend on it to self-accept. We are looking for ambitious, driven high school students who are passionate about female empowerment and learning to find beauty from within. We are looking for leaders to apply for the following leadership positions :  Editor in Cheif Marketing Director Blog Country Manager Blog Author Time commitment is ~2 hrs / week, remote and very flexible.  Please apply here:

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga Remote (Worldwide)
    ABOUT US We are a team of five passionate high school students dedicated to creating a unique online platform for our peers. Each one of us believes in the power of community and collaboration, and that's why we came together to create izwiOurVoices. OUR PURPOSE IzwiOurVoices is an innovative social networking platform designed specifically for high school and early college students. With the primary goal of creating a LinkedIn- like environment for this target demographic, izwiOurVoices aims to provide a platform for students to connect, share, and grow together. This report discusses the potential benefits of this kind of website, why it would be a valuable tool for students and suggests key features that could be integrated into the platform to make it more appealing and useful. The primary function of izwiOurVoices is to enable students to connect with each other and build a strong network of peers . This can lead to the creation of...

  • NowScience Remote (Worldwide)
    NowScience is a blog page run by passionate high school students from around the globe. We aim to share our love for different areas of science with our readers. With each of our unique writing flair, we bring readers a unique experience of reading about various scientific topics whilst giving our own views on our research topic. - website link: Current impact: reached 62 countries 5300+ page views Positions available: Member of research and writing team Member of social media team Member of podcast team (limited spaces)

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